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Explore a wide range of traditional yoga practises which will deepen your mind-body connection and self awareness, improving posture, flexibility and strength. Yoga is the Science of Harmony and can ease emotional and physical tension and help create positive changes both within your inner self and in daily life too.

With a focus on breath centric practises to develop a strong body connection and through a variety of techniques adapted to meet each student’s needs you will safely explore traditional Hatha Yoga.

Classes will include the postures of Yoga (Asanas), breath and energy techniques (Pranayamas & Kriya) and other mindfulness practises including Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), Mudras (hand gestures), Relaxation, Sound Healing and Philosophy which together will give students a broad understanding and experience of Yoga.​

No previous knowledge, experience or qualifications are required.

Students will learn in a group session through vocal prompt and description and also through demonstration of the techniques and practises in each class. Occasionally a handout may be provided.

Wear comfortable loose clothing to the class, nothing that will restrict movement or be uncomfortable (no jeans, belts, wear minimal jewellery).

Bring your own Yoga mat. If you do not have one, you can purchase one from the tutor.

Bring extra layers (socks, jumper etc) as the body will cool down quickly in relaxation.

Bring a blanket or large towel to cover the body during relaxation, this can also be used rolled up to support the body when sitting or resting on the floor.

Bring extra blocks, cushions etc. if you feel you need to.

Course Details
Code 032
Time 06:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Day Tuesday
Number of Weeks 5
Cost £25


St. Andrew’s United Reform Church
Gypsy Lane, Cypress Rd

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